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Byton is a Chinese all-electric vehicle automotive brand established in 2017 and incorporated in Hong Kong, co-founded by former BMW and Nissan Motor executives. Byton unveiled its first concept car to the public in January 2018.

A Byton ex-employee wrote "Byton has very weak management, poor cost controls, lack of transparency on management decisions, too many people coming from corporate companies who do not know how to be lean."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Poor communication, lack of funding, executive management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- lack of funding. we've been trying to close series C for the past year! we also don't pay our suppliers! talk about poor credit - lots of smoke and mirrors to impress investors - management is clueless on most things - political, toxic environment"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"No work. Terrible management."

Former Employee - User Experience Designer says

"- toxic environment - upper management talks badly about employees to their peers - executive management champions incompetent managers instead of employees with actual experience - no direction given to team - upper management has no understanding of process - abusive culture - nobody receives the 1 year bonus - relocation reimbursement is taxed at the same rate as a bonus. So expect to eat several thousand dollars out of pocket"

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Management Lack of strategy during hard times Lack of backup plans Toxic work environment Politics Managers directors and VPs are not in sync"

Former Employee - Shipper/Receiver says

"To many to list on its way down"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ladies and gents, boys and girls, take a seat, gather some popcorn,sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I'm only going to leave you a snippet though, I am trying to publish my novel on BYTON and this can serves as a teaser (think of it as GOT 2.0, just no flying dragons, only rumors and backstabbing stories fly around here) Chapter One: Management It is non-existence here! The CEO only cares about the China office and its operations, because if you think about it, even when the cars come out (it probably won't be on schedule, we are way behind on all programs) it will hit the Chinese market first. This means, the entire focus will be the launch in China - where the revenue will be. It will be difficult to break into the U.S market considering the current political climate. But, in order to make the company appears "global", the U.S office will still be here for now. VPs here don't care much about their dept or any other dept or anyone actually, just themselves. If they feel threaten by someone, sorry bud, you're outta here. It's literally an eye for an eye (Gandhi is not proud, I know). If you think you can openly connect or seek advice from the CEO, VPs or even (some)Directors here...don't. Your scheduled meetings with them will probably be cancelled because of an "urgent conflict". Your complaints or feedback will be "tattle-tale" to the VPs so that they can sit you down and unleash their wrath on you. Management here is not to be trusted, because HR here will disclose everything you tell them to whoever it is about. So be careful if you think you can trust HR or your VP, because...friends...they will NOT have your back. Chapter Two: People Credit is given where it is due, and I can say that some people you meet here, will be your friends, not just colleagues, but close friends. But be careful on that one too, your "friends" can also turn around and stab you in the back so that they can climb that ladder faster. Yes, you'll be in awe at first, thinking how can people just do this. Oh wait! not people, can they? Well, sorry, friendships don't pay bills, so they will probably not care. Hate to break it to ya! Chapter Three: Rumors vs. Facts No where I worked in my 15 years have I seen this type of work environment. It is not work, it is a high school playground. Your own manager will tell people how terrible you are and try their best to spoil your reputation even after you are long gone from here. Truths will get skewed, rumors will always win. I'm not even sure where the rumors come from, but it is constant. No matter what you do, where you go, what you eat...everyone will know. What fun if we rely on the truths?? Let's believe the rumors so that our lives can be more exciting. There will be rumors about everything, the CEO, the cleaning lady, you, your boss, your ex , your favorite restaurants...Just know when to filter it out and you should be sorta ok Concluding Words: If you are reading this because you are considering to work or interview here, well...RUN or at least speed walk. Don't believe in the funding or the management here, and don't even consider relocating here. Someone quit their cushy job to work here, and they were laid-off within a month. Let that NOT be you. If you are reading this and you are still an employee, give me that like, this would give me validation to write my novel. Suggestions also welcomed! If none of these deter you to avoid this circle of Dante's Inferno, then you are brave..... but for how long?"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Managers are like senior engineers, directors are like program managers. C round funding is not enough to keep the company survived for one year."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The worst management team ever assembled (bit extreme but you get the point). Executive decisions are reactive and show no foresight and advance planning. VPs and Directors are goons and are prone to infighting, backstabbing, power struggles, and empire-building. As if all that isn't enough, the company is almost broke. Vendors have not been paid, including attorneys handling immigration issues. The company promised visa sponsorships and now H1-B workers are in danger of being out of status. The attrition rate is staggering. Read the reviews. Stay away. Be afraid, be very afraid."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"- A lot of people are unqualified - VP level and above suck at their job - Constant lies and highly toxic political hierarchy - Money only comes from China, product will never leave China"

Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"not the best place to work. negative and emotionally draining work culture. start up environment, ok tasting free food and dog friendly environment. think before you leap"

Sr Engineer (Current Employee) says

"BYTON was initially an exciting place to work, but very poor money management after the initial major round of funding meant lots of money wasted and eventually furloughs for most of the US employees. Don't be fooled, it is not a global company. It is very much a Chinese owned and controlled company aspiring to be global. There were legitimately very smart people working on the product, but management is terrible.Free lunch, paid benefits, decent time offLong calls with China, split management, poor US office support"

GTM - The Americas (Current Employee) says

"This is a very disappointing startup which can only succeed now by miracle. Top leadership is neither competent nor aligned, and the ultimate business plan is too short-sighted to attract big investment.A startup, EV culture, good lunch, chances to have big ideasTotally disorganised, weak top executives, no 360-degree vision, low transparency from China HQ"

Staff Engineer, Byton (Current Employee) says

"My team has been great and we have done amazing things in a very reduced amount of time but the upper management deciding the fate of the company has been lacking transparency."

Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, lack of funding produced angry suppliers. Exec team has not closed C round funding for over a year. Exciting product - sexy car, but lack of leadership"

Staff Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great blend of top talent from Automotive and Tech across all BYTON locations (i.e. China, USA, Hong Kong, Germany). Increasingly strong brand. High degree of empowerment by leadership due to tight project timeline. Opportunity to learn and grow as an employee. Revolutionary approach as an automotive OEM and mobility player yields innovative technologies/products. Great for self-starters who want to accomplish ambitious projects."

Bea says

"Unprofessional and indifferent so-called mortgage advisors ! In the end I was not given any explanations just been told to either find a better paid job (I am making around 50k per year) or look for someone to move in with me and pay half of the mortgage. There are way better, customer oriented mortgage advisors on the market."

Jess says

"Really slow and inconsistent service. It was completely disjointed throughout with no communication between those who work there. I regretted using this service and should have done it myself through the bank direct."

Tony Carter says

"Not as good as they say they are... starting going through this company regarding a mortgage.. sent the details... came back saying they couldn’t help me... didn’t even put it through... have very good credit history.. earning enough... but totally wasted my time... went with another broker and got the mortgage approved straight away.. don't waste your time with them..."

Antonia Robinson says

"Absolutely shocking service. Passed from pillar to post. Nobody knows your file in detail. Took my mortgage application in July and still have no offer. They lost information which the lender needs, nobody give you a straight answer. Please use a small broker because there are too many people dealing with your case and once you have spoken to the mortgage advisor at the beginning you never hear from them again."

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